Normally an ‘about’ page is just written by the owner of the site, however, I thought I’d do something different and open this up to the people that look at my art and talk to me on my Facebook page, Instagram and on my personal profile.

Quite frankly this could have been opening up a can of worms regarding what people were going to say, but so far I’ve been pleasantly surprised!


“One of the nice guys, doesn’t rate himself as highly as he should. Top notch painter as well. He makes me sick, I hate him 😛 ” – Dom (Dom asked me to leave off the last bit, but I’m keeping it)


“I think GoJ brings some much needed originality to the mini painting world- and with top class techniques being demonstrated he is not afraid to help us minnows out too!” – Chris


“Seriously talented painter and annoyingly good at sculpting, the couple of busts I have purchased from GoJ are honestly the first things I have actually enjoyed painting in a long time.” – Jeff


“Not only is he fantastic at painting miniatures, he’s also an accomplished sculptor too!” – Steve (Not me, another Steve)


“Extremely talented chap. I don’t paint miniatures or anything, but I still follow the GoJ Facebook page because I enjoy seeing the works of art Steve produces.” – Marianne


Steve is a talented painter and up and coming name in the sculpting arena. Me and my wife have chosen him from a long list of folk, to paint a miniature of our daughter that we had sculpted. Love seeing his work.” – Martin


“Lacks self-confidence but highly talented, willing to share his secrets with the community, and an all-round nice chap” – Luke