Age of Sigmar/Warhammer

The Four Horsemen of the End Times

These fearsome riders are the four horsemen of the apocalypse, re-imagined in an Age of Sigmar style. Based on the chaos Varanguard models for the most part, although Death had a greenstuff tweak in the form of a hood, along with a new head and a weapon change (the scythe was originally from a blightkings set, with a scratch-built blade as I felt the corroded Nurgle version didn’t fit the character

Warhammer Witch Elf

Sometimes I like to practice on older, simpler models, this early Witch Elf had been in my bits box for quite some time and was originally going to be a villain for a heroquest game (hence the square base in this time of not-particularly-square bases), for unknown reasons she never got into a game and went to Ebay instead, but plans are still afoot to sort out some figures for heroquest games.  

Witch Elf

Lord Aquilor on Gryphcharger

Gryphcharger and his Lord Aquilor rider, a combination of airbrush and ‘eavy metal techniques.

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