Age of Sigmar:Nighthaunt

Amongst a great many other things, I’ve been working on a Nighthaunt commission, the client wanted a really nice simple scheme of all ghostly figures (including their weapons and any associated chains, manacles and other spooky bits) with nice bases. The ghosts themselves have been relatively easy, but coming up with a good basing recipe for them has been problematic. After painting up the Sepuchral Guard though, I really liked the base painting method and decided to try it on the Nighthaunt. Pleasingly it’s worked really well!

For anyone interested the recipe is as follows:

  • Basecoat with Rhinox Hide (I used Vallejo Burnt Umber which is quite similar)
  • Drybrush with Mechanicus Standard Grey (you can be quite liberal with this, just make sure there’s some brown showing through
  • Drybrush with Dawnstone
  • Drybrush with Ushabti Bone
  • Glaze or layer highlight any large rocks or headstones with dawnstone then Celestra Grey
  • Wash the whole thing with Agrax Earthshade

You can go back and re-highlight the headstones with Celestra Grey if you want.  

I hope this has been helpful to you!

Steve Cornish

I paint miniatures for a living, I create art on canvas and anything else I can get my grubby little paws on, and I occasionally sculpt too. All in all not a bad way to spend the day.

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