Build/Paint log: Kingdom Death

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Sunshine and Bacon

In an ideal world, my blog posts would be full of beautifully photographed, finished works of art and life would be shiny. However, I am a disheveled eccentric with a terrible memory so it can’t all be sunshine and bacon all the time. With this in mind, I figured a series of build/paint logs for the projects I work on would be something interesting for you guys and gals. Wips, thoughts on building and all manner of less formal content. I’ll try to categorise these into each project rather than a jumbled mess.

Hands in strange places

For the first installment, I’ll go with Kingdom Death: Monster. There is likely to be a few of these as the set is HUGE, far bigger than I expected. and also very weird, with the Phoenix being the stand-out for weirdness in the core set (I’ve seen the add-ons though, there’s a few that could take the prize in there), whilst this photo doesn’t show it, there are some hands in some REALLY strange places

The sculpting of the Kingdom Death set is exceptional, but the fit during assembly leaves a lot to be desired. you can see on the photo below where the one leg doesn’t quite fit. This is going to need a bit of putty and some sculpting to look right.

Kingdom Death: Monster - Phoenix

Here’s some of the other bits I’ve been working on, including two of the survivors which are almost complete in their painting.

Hopefully these shorter Wip posts are of interest to everyone, let me know in the comments what you’d like to see in future posts.

Happy Painting!

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