How to Paint Space Wolves

How to Paint Space Wolves is a tutorial for painting two different types of Space Wolf armour, a GW style marine and a heavily weathered version (not quite Blanchitsu, but it wouldn’t take much to push it in that direction, especially if the technique was used on a more suitably converted model) .

The finished armour types

Here’s a basic run through of what to do. 


Basecoat Russ grey (thin it enough that it takes 3 coats to cover properly and don’t ‘scrub’ too much at any one area, smooth single brushstrokes are the key to a good basecoat, don’t overlap them unless the paint is fresh or completely dry, partly dried paint that you brush against with another stroke is what causes rough, uneven basecoats).

Wash the recesses with The Fang + your choice of glaze medium, its a subtle step and can be skipped if you want.

Wash the recesses with nuln oil (keep it super neat).
Add chips and scratches with The Fang (only slightly thinned with water this time), add a few more deeper scratches and chips with rhinox hide, the ‘less is more’ approach applies here.

Wash all over with Vallejo model wash brown, it should sit in the recesses nicely and just tint the rest of the armour.

Enamel Washes

Once everything has dried properly, go over panel lines and select recesses with AK interactive ‘Track wash’, this is an enamel paint so don’t breath too deeply.

Thin the track wash with white spirit and use it over some of the scratches and in patches. A brush dampened with white spirit can clean up the edges of splodges so everything is smooth (its small scale so weathering needs to be fairly subtle). 

Use Ak ‘Rust wash’ over the chips and scratches and do some streaks down the armour too (don’t get this one in the recesses too much). 
You could stop here but I used Ak Dust effects as a sort of highlight on the upper areas of the armour.

I really hope this helps anyone looking to paint some Space Wolves!


Steve Cornish

I paint miniatures for a living, I create art on canvas and anything else I can get my grubby little paws on, and I occasionally sculpt too. All in all not a bad way to spend the day.

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