[News] Hirelings of Asura

[Edit] The Kickstarter now has a date! starts on 26th April

In my meanderings through the internet I see a fair bit of interesting stuff so its only fair that I share some of my findings with everyone else. During my browsing one evening I happened upon this image of a rather excellent miniature

Hirelings of Asura new MiniatureAs you can see there are some definite Hindu/Malaysian influences going on here. so much so that I did a quick google of ‘Asura’, which turns out to be a Hindu class of divine or power seeking deities. So I assume these are minions of the gods in some form. Either way I love the concepts and sculpts by Adrián Prado and Joaquín Palacios’ respectively. Interestingly the whole project is managed by Sergio Calvo, who I’m sure will get a chance to paint these up to his usual stunning standards.

Sadly it looks like Joaquín Palacios’ won’t be involved any further with the project but his sculpts will still be used.

There doesn’t seem to be any information as to the scale of the figures, however I don’t think it would be too wild a guess to put them at roughly 75mm.

Here’s what the company say on their facebook page

The ‘Hireling of Asura’ project was born more than a year ago from the desire to create a new line of high quality miniatures for painters and collectors. From the first moment we counted on Joaquín Palacios’ collaboration as sculptor and Adrián Prado as concept artist.

The concept artwork by Adrián is absolutely superb (for those of you who don’t know me from facebook I do dabble in concept art occasionally so seeing a really nice piece always makes me happy).

Joaquín Palacios’ has captured the feel of the artwork brilliantly in his excellent sculpts, with natural and realistic poses that look ‘at rest’ rather than static.

By the looks of the facebook page (and the logos on the images, yeah I know, dead giveaway there) there is a Kickstarter on its way (details are sparse at the moment, I shall edit this as soon as there’s a date).

so, to sum up, lovely artwork, beautiful sculpts and interesting subjects attached to some world-class names. They could be onto a winner here.

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