[News] Lion Tower Miniatures general release

Back in February last year Lion Tower Miniatures launched a Kickstarter to get a range of 32mm fantasy figures onto the market.

Now, following the successful fulfillment of the Kickstarter orders, they will be going on sale very soon! the date is not yet confirmed, However, Dan Kelly (the main man behind Lion Tower minis) has told me that the RPG minis will be available at the UK Games Expo on 1st, 2nd and 3rd June, and they’ll be launching online sales after that.

There’s a great selection of miniatures that will be available, including the usual RPG archetypes, and also some pets (familiars if you’re that way inclined).



pseudo dragon Lion Tower Miniatures
Here’s one of the Pets/familiars, A pseudo dragon, which is quite a cool sculpt.


All the Figures will be available here on their website, at the moment they are available to pre-order. From the looks of it they could be very interesting to paint and certainly would work for games of D&D (which is exactly what they are designed for, although you can pop them in any fantasy game that supports 32mm figures) and they’ve got a fair bit of character to them.

For a spot of background, I quizzed Dan as to why he started Lion Tower Miniatures.

I began making miniatures back in 2006 using green stuff and procreate and did a lot of small commissions, but long periods spent hunched over with back ache wasn’t great, so as soon as 3D printing was looking like a viable option I began doing digital sculpts. My main reason for doing the business was to take control of my future and create a sustainable range with supported games in my own style and my own design.
Now I have a 3d printer and do all of my own printing in-house, and production is outsourced with Hysterical Games currently doing all of the moulding and casting for our minis.
With this first Kickstarter being a great success I’m sure we’ll see a lot more from Lion Tower Miniatures, and this was confirmed when Dan mentioned that they are currently working on their next Kickstarter for the tabletop game Wrathborn which is a skirmish game set in a high fantasy world with a rich history and background. Rik Eddon (The Hairy Painter) brought the IP with him when he joined Lion Tower miniatures and together they’re working towards a Kickstarter launch in October with early previews at the UKGE in June.
Wrathborn game Front Cover Lion Tower Miniatures
Here’s the finished front Cover for Wrathborn by Feael on Deviantart

Thats all for now folks! I hope you’re enjoying the news articles. as always let me know in the comments if you have any suggestions!

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