[News] Necromunda Mercenary and Ouroboros Miniatures AI

Necromunda Hired Gun

Two interesting figures spotted today, First up this lovely (probably not the right choice of words but still..) Orlock Hired Gun with Cyber Mastiff.

Orlock Hired Gun and cyber mastiff for Necromunda

very cool, both figures have lots of character and plenty of detail (excellent paint job from the guys at Forgeworld too).

Coming Soon: Man’s Best (and Deadliest) Friend

Ouroboros Miniatures

Next up is a sneak peek of the next installment of the A.I series from Ouroboros Miniatures.

Meet Watson

Watson AI series bust from Ouroboros Miniatures


Sculpted by Oleg Aleinikov it bears a slight resemblance to Carl from Penny Arcades ‘Automata’ series of webcomics, but with a more human slant which I quite like.

There are more details on the Ouroboros Miniatures Facebook page including some renders of the bust and its component parts although there doesn’t appear to be a release date yet.

Can’t wait to see what the community does with both of these models, there’s some incredibly talented modelers and painters out there!

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