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Nightvault warband, Zarbag’s Gitz.

Zarbags Gitz, nightvault warband

I’ve just finished Zarbags Gitz, a really nice night goblin warband for Underworlds: Nightvault (which is season 2 of Underworlds, the first being Shadespire)

I adore the fact that each of these Nightvault warbands are bespoke sculpts specifically for the game instead of just rehashed box sets of old models. and the addition of sculpted bases makes them a real treat to paint!

I also found myself intrigued with the painting videos from the Warhammer Community youtube channel, Warhammer TV and decided I would follow one to see what it was like. I was quite pleased with the result, these are a tabletop level commission and the tutorial gives a really good tabletop level if you follow it closely (I’ll admit, in the absence of a few of the paints I had to improvise a couple of colours, but that’s where experience pays off). However, now I want to paint a set of these to a really high level as the sculpts are that good! 

Steve Cornish

I paint miniatures for a living, I create art on canvas and anything else I can get my grubby little paws on, and I occasionally sculpt too. All in all not a bad way to spend the day.

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