[Showcase] Guildball Brewers

I’ve been doing a lot of Guildball stuff recently, I have another Autumn themed Hunters set to finish, and I’ve just recently completed these set to complement some brewers I did for a client a while back. I’ve noticed that simple things like skintones and smoothness has improved from the first set. I’m sure it improves constantly, but it seems quite noticable on figures that are quite similar. (Note that the same client ordered a Young Theron figure also, so he got lumped in for the photoshoot too and isn’t part of the Brewers set.

Anywho, Enjoy!

Guildball Brewers 'Sing when you're winning'
Guildball Brewers ‘Sing when you’re winning’ set


Here’s two early progress shots which show the skintones nicely.

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