Torek Truthseeker from Mr Lee’s Minis

The urge to sculpt

Every now and again I get the urge to do some sculpting, it’s a strong urge but doesn’t usually last very long, I tend to have too many ideas and something is usually likely to take over in a week or so. Last year I took advantage of the sculpting bug and came up with this guy, A dwarf by the name of Torek Truthseeker.

I’m very pleased to announce that just before Christmas the master was picked up by Mr Lee’s Minis and is now in production!

This is the resin production cast that I received yesterday which I am over the moon about and cannot wait to start painting.

Torek Truthseeker resin cast 1 Torek Truthseeker from Mr Lee's Minis

The casting is flawless and it’s lovely to see one of my sculpts being sold through a major company.


Here’s a gallery of shots I took whilst sculpting to give you a look behind the scenes at how a bust is sculpted. I used Monster Clay for the vast majority of the work, which I find really good, but some sculptors swear by Chavant NSP

If you would like to order your own copy, head on over HERE


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